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September 15, 2010

Planning Can Turn Dreams Into Reality

Planning is a key ingredient to making things happen. It can also help one become more prepared for life’s challenges, alleviate stress and make better use of one’s time. Can you recall the last time you were prepared for something? How did you feel? Was the expected outcome achieved? The National Association of Professional Organizers, Southeast Michigan Chapter (NAPO-MI) wants to share a simple process for turning your dreams into reality.

1. Identify the goal or activity that you wish to accomplish, write it down and establish a timeframe for completing it.

2. Break the goal/activity into practical, realistic action steps with an estimate of the time each step will take.

3. Schedule each step in your calendar with a specific date/time assigned to it (just as you would any other appointment).

4. Complete each step on its scheduled date/time. Make every effort to complete each item as scheduled. This is your commitment toward achieving your goal.

5. Re-evaluate your goal/activity periodically to ascertain that it is still relevant, the timeframe is realistic and the action steps are being completed as scheduled. Make any adjustments as needed.

A calendar or planner is an essential tool for effective planning. Find one that works best for you and then utilize it daily. Goals/activities can only be achieved when realistic action steps are placed on your calendar and when each step is completed as scheduled. It is not enough to simply state a goal/activity. Turning your dreams into reality is easier than you think! For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Chapter member and Associate Member Director, Mary Lynn Badr.