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November 20, 2010

Buy Nothing Day!

Many people could benefit from a “National Buy Nothing Day”. In this day of EXCESS EVERYTHING, most of us could go through our cabinets and find many unused food items, clothing and cleaning supplies. In fact, many might get a chance to revisit old stored-away items just waiting to be discovered in the back of the cupboard!

The National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan (NAPO-MI) wants to share some comments and questions they hear while helping clients get organized:

• I’ve been looking for that!

• I can use this now

• I’m glad to find this

• Why did I keep this?

• What does this go to?

• I don’t need that! Get rid of it!

People often hold onto things with good intentions of using them someday. However, you get busy, life changes and other circumstances get in the way, which often prevent you from actually using the item(s).

So, in honor of “Buy Nothing Day” choose to:

• Use this time to start or finish a project in which you have already bought supplies.

• Spend time with your family, such as playing a game (maybe one you never even opened).

• Cook something new.

• Read a book or look through old magazines.

• Clean out a drawer or closet.

• Be creative and have fun!

Just remember the idea is to use what you already own. It may be easier than you think to have a “Buy Nothing Day” in the near future! For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Chapter member and Secretary, Susan Carmody.