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April 1, 2011

Collection or Clutter?

Personal collections can vary from the common – photos, postage stamps or tea cups, to the unusual – carousel horses, antique fire trucks, or clothesline memorabilia! For many people, however, there is a fine line between a meaningful collection and messy clutter.

The National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan (NAPO-MI) would like to share simple guidelines to keep your collection at its best:

1. Allocate a specific place and amount of space to display your collection.

2. If your collection is larger than your available space, decide on a storage method appropriate for your items.

3. Rotate items in and out of your display space – this keeps your collection interesting and fresh.

According to Chapter member Susan Hunsberger, a collection is “a group of related items that you are excited about, want to talk about and want to show others.” An unorganized and spread out group of items can easily become more of a headache or even a heartache, if the items are not properly managed. A collection should be something you enjoy and want others to be able to enjoy as well.

Often, it is the memories attached to the items in a collection that make the collection special. Sharing or using your collection is a way to pass on those memories. The more accessible and well managed your collection is, the more it will mean to you and to those you care about. Taking care to display, store and use your items appropriately will make it obvious to others that you have a collection and not just clutter!

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Article submitted by Chapter member Cindy Tyner.