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August 20, 2011

School Homework

Homework can be one of the toughest areas for many students. Remembering to bring homework and books home and then get it back to school is a huge process for some students. The National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan wants to share some tips to help your child organize his/her homework.

• Keep one folder just for carrying papers home and back to school. All homework to be done goes into this folder. This folder always goes into the school bag each day. Completed homework is placed in the folder for the trip back to school.

• Clean out the folder weekly. All papers that have been graded and returned should not remain in the homework folder, and instead should be filed at home. Only current homework should be in the folder.

• Find a dedicated place at home for the school bag, folder, and a study spot. Some students study best with no distractions, others need to be nearby to prevent day-dreaming. Create a homework area that will be suitable for your child and encourage them to use this space each day to do homework.

Preparing your children to head back to school can be simple. For additional organizing tips visit
Article submitted by Chapter member, Ann Anderson