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June 22, 2010

Home-based business owners learn to Tame Technology in the Office

Novi, MI.  June 17, 2010 – Finding the right technology to fit your business and personal needs can be challenging. Kathleen Alessandro, President of Energized Solutions LLC, shared her passion for time-saving technology at a recent meeting of the National Association of Professional Organizers Southeast Michigan Chapter (NAPO-MI).

“There is so much technology out there it is hard to decide what is best for you,” said Karen DeClark, Past Director of Marketing for NAPO-MI.

Kathleen Alessandro’s solution? Put your technology through an interview process before you buy. Alessandro suggested taking full advantage of trial periods and putting software to the test before purchasing.

Most Michigan professional organizers are small business owners, so Alessandro’s advice could be used not only for their own offices but those of the residential and business individuals they serve, too. “Knowledge [about technology] allows me to better inform my clients,” said Cynthia Gentit, Director of Administration for NAPO-MI.

Alessandro suggests using technology in a way that makes best use of your abilities and time. It may be possible to cobble together your own customized solutions for technology to save money in the short-term, but sometimes specialized technology developed for the purpose you need may get the results you want faster and more effectively. “Stepping over a dollar to get a nickel” is generally not the best path to choose. She cautions, “If technology doesn’t help you, but makes you crazier, you really shouldn’t do it”.