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June 30, 2010

Independence from Clutter

On the Fourth of July, we observe our nation’s freedom. The National Association of Professional Organizers, Southeast Michigan Chapter (NAPO-MI) urges you to consider carrying this concept one step further and take action to gain your independence from clutter. It may sound like a stretch, but when you think about it, your excess “stuff” may have been enslaving you for years, even decades. Old canceled checks, school papers, brochures from trips taken years ago, clothing that never really fit well. You hold onto all of this without realizing the control it can exert over you. So why not enjoy the liberating experience that organization can bring?

How can you do this? To achieve independence from clutter, you must first determine what is safe to toss, and what you feel you must keep – and where. Getting organized means something different for everyone, but it has to work for you. There are some things that you need and use on a regular basis. In fact, these things may be essential to running your home. You might also want to save some special mementos because you just like having them around. On the other hand, many things may no longer define where you are at this point in time. How long has it been since you used that ceramic lazy susan? Term papers on which you received a bad grade only inspire negative feelings. And they certainly don’t deserve a place of honor on you limited shelf space! Countless other items fall into that category. It can be so freeing to finally decide to conquer your clutter and take action. You can certainly use your closets, drawers, or desks for much better purposes.

Decluttering can have a significant and lasting effect on your everyday existence. Among the many benefits are the time, space and resources that are saved when you’re organized. You will no longer spend hours figuring out where to store things, and will shop more purposefully. More organization equals less frustration. There will be fewer things to divert your focus as you try to accomplish certain tasks throughout the day. You will be able to relate to others better because you’ll be less distracted by stuff. You’ll be in charge of your possessions, not the other way around. Join the professional organizers in Michigan and designate this July 4 as the day you take steps to gain your independence from clutter!

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Article submitted by Chapter member Rita Wilhelm.