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May 15, 2011

Tackling Clutter at Home

Is decluttering at home a dreaded chore for your family? Why not try one of these simple organizing tips from the National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan to help make the chore a little less dreaded?

1. Round and Round. Start at the front door of your house and work your way through the house in a giant clockwise circle leaving a trail of organization behind you. While in each room, work your way from the doorway around the room clockwise and back to the doorway until you are done with that room. Then start on the next room.

2. Top to Bottom. Start by mentally dividing the room into thirds: a) anything higher than your shoulders, b) between your shoulders and your knees, and c) anything lower than your knees. Look at one wall in the room. Organize the top section (using a ladder if needed), then the middle section, and finally the bottom layer. Do the same for the other walls in the room.

3. Front to Back. Start at the front entrance to your home and work your way through the rooms to the back door. Then try working from the biggest window at the front of your home to the biggest at the back or from the basement door to the attic door.

4. Zigzag! It is okay to work in an organizing pattern that you choose as long as it gets the job done. Why not make a spiral in the space as you work from the outside of the room towards the middle? How about making some polka dot pockets of order?
Tackling clutter at home is easier than you think! For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Chapter Vice-President Trish Krebs.