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June 1, 2011

Six Simple Tips for Staying Organized on the Road

Love travel, or hate it, we all know that it can be a challenge to stay organized while traveling. However, being organized on the road can make travel so much more enjoyable. These six simple tips from the National Association of Professional Organizers, Southeast Michigan Chapter (NAPO-MI) will help you stay organized for business trips, weekend getaways and the big family vacation.

1. Pick Your Bags: Limit yourself to one small sturdy bag per person. If you are traveling with small children, combine their items into an adult’s bag. This tip will keep you organized and save excess baggage charges.

2. Pack Your Bags: If you travel frequently, keep small sample sized toiletries and medicine in a quart size zipper bag (see the TSA website for details) in your travel bag at all times. This saves packing time and avoids forgotten items. If you travel infrequently, keep a basic packing list in your bag.

3. Start With Your Itinerary: For business or pleasure, you should have an idea of your daily travel plans. This will help you pick out the necessary clothes and shoes. If you are traveling with small children or sharing a suitcase, gallon sized or larger zipper bags work great for grouping outfits for each day and preventing wrinkles.

4. Get Back to the Basics: When traveling, stick to easy care mix and match separates or suits in the same color palette. This will also help you to limit yourself to one or two pairs of shoes. If laundry facilities or services will be available on your trip, pack only what you need until you can wash your clothing.

5. Use Every Nook and Cranny: Rolling knit items can save space. You can also pack socks and undergarments inside of your extra pair of shoes. Then place the shoes inside of plastic bags. Placing dirty clothes inside of plastic or zipper bags (pressing out the extra air) saves space on the way home.

6. Relax: Do not worry if you forget something. Unless you are traveling to a very remote part of the world, you can almost always buy what you need or wash clothes at your destination.

Business or family travel can be a lot of fun if you are organized. And it is easier than you might think! For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Chapter member, Carolyn Anderson-Fermann