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June 15, 2011

Start Managing Your Time – The Basics

Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. Life is, indeed, getting more and more complicated as years go by. As your schedule gets busier and there is more and more information to remember, your stress level increases. The National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan wants to share five tips to help you better manage your time.

1) Take the time to make a long-range plan or develop a vision. Then you’ll be able to see if a task fits into that plan. Retail therapy (over-shopping) may conflict with your goal of down-sizing your home.

2) See if you can delegate tasks or recognize you have an impossible standard. At home, you could hire a service, have the kids pitch in, or see if you can automate the job. Find a laundry service that does a nice job and picks up and delivers.

3) Decide if a task needs to be done at all. Determine what matters to you – and have the courage to stop less important tasks.

4) Investigate ways to automate a task. There are lots of software, systems, and devices – but they may take more time, not less. You may prefer to use online file storage systems so files will stay safe and save you time manually backing up your hard drive. Technology can be helpful for bill paying services, e-mailed statements, and online purchasing.

5) Put some time into exploring calendar alternatives. There are hundreds of systems – paper planners (no recharging required), digital assistants and smartphones, software and online systems. Find a calendar system that works for you.

Always remember to keep a balance between work, community service, family and personal relaxation. Organizing your time can be easier than you think! It just takes looking at your life with a new viewpoint. For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Chapter Treasurer, Sue Elder.