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December 15, 2011

Make the Holidays Stress Free

The holiday season is upon us! While this can be a joyous time of year, it is also a busy and stressful time. The preparations alone can be over-whelming from gift buying, decorating, holiday get-togethers, entertaining and many others. The National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan offers these suggestions to help you have an enjoyable and stress free holiday season.

1. Create a Holiday Planner. No need to reinvent the wheel every holiday season. Take some time initially to create a holiday planner (either manual or electronic) to organize and document all of your holiday activities and then reap the benefits for years to follow. Set up the planner by categories that represent the activities that are important to you. Some categories are:
• Holiday Recipes
• Gift Giving List/Gift Ideas
• Decorations
• Holiday Card List
• Entertaining/Party Planning
• Holiday Traditions
• Holiday Music/Movies

2. Plan Ahead. Once you have your planner in place, review it to decide what will be done this holiday season. The best way to accomplish things is to schedule them on your calendar. Planning out and scheduling activities at least a month ahead of the holiday season will help you determine what is realistic to get done. We recommend doing this after Thanksgiving. For each week, indicate the activities to be completed with a date and time on your calendar. Then refer to your calendar weekly and plan ahead for the next week. Update your calendar with the items that have been completed or changed.

3. Be Realistic. Keep in mind that having memorable and joyous holidays do not have to be expensive or require a lot of time. Sometimes the best holiday moments are free and simple! Do not hesitate to delete an activity from your calendar if it is no longer relevant or feasible to complete. If it means being stressed or regretting the task or purchase decision, then revisit doing it. Lastly, consider asking for help or delegating an activity. The holiday season is about spending time and giving. Doing an activity with friends or family can accomplish the task and bring joy just by the shared experience with others!
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Article submitted by Chapter Associate Member Director Mary Lynn Badr.