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November 1, 2011

Television’s, and Laptops, and Smartphones! Oh, My!

The constant influx of “new” and “better” electronics has left many people feeling overwhelmed by the sheer “stuff” of it all. With that in mind, the National Association of Professional Organizers, Michigan Chapter, offers these three helpful hints.

1) Start with the easy stuff: Do you still have an analog TV or VHS player in the basement? Pitch it! It isn’t going to make a comeback, we promise. (Remember to be responsible when disposing of electronics. Visit for more information.)

2) Consolidate: Take a look at the user manuals associated with some of your newer electronics. Does your printer also allow you to scan and email documents, or is your gaming system able to stream media (like the newer Xbox systems)? If so, you may find that you have several items with duplicate functions. Consider forgoing single use items and get the most out of multi-purpose devices. It can also help to surf the web for inexpensive (or free) applications that could replace older technology that is cluttering up your desk. For instance, digitizing your music and dvd collections to iTunes, or a comparable application, could save you a ton of space and time looking for lost cd’s.

3) Organize: Once you have culled your collection of electronics you can address what is left. In general, electronics can be broken down into three major categories of use: entertainment, communication and productivity. Consider where and how you use items and group them into activity “hubs.” For instance, a productivity hub could consist of your PC, a phone dock, and a printer. Be sure to label accessories clearly and store any that you don’t readily need in a closet or drawer. Check out big box electronic stores or websites like and for further inspiration.

Organizing your electronics is much easier than you think! For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Chapter member Christine Pickering.