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October 15, 2012

Make your move stress free!

Moving is one of the top ten stressers in life. If you plan for the move ahead of the actual move date, it does not have to be stressful at all.  Here are some tips to make the move easy and pain free:

1.   As soon as you know you are moving, spend some free time each week going through cabinets and drawers. Don’t forget the closets, garage, and basement too. These places are where most people store things that they will use, but many of the items in these places are not looked at too often.  Ask yourself, “Do I really need this or does someone in my home really need this?”

2.   If possible, get each person in the house involved in going through items.  It will be more fun and less of a chore.

3.   Eliminate anything that no one in the house is using. Donate it to a charity and obtain a tax receipt.

4.   Only move things that will be used, and don’t waste time packing and moving unwanted items.

5.   What is being kept to store, such as children’s clothes and holiday decorations, keep in labeled bins. This way, when it gets moved, it will not have to be unpacked unless there is something breakable in it. The breakable item(s) should be packed seperately.

6.   Pack items ahead that you are not using on a daily basis. These items could include fine china, holiday decorations, and out-of-season clothing.

7.   Keep paper plates, napkins, cups, and plastic utensils unpacked and available to use during the last few days at the current house and to use the first few days at the new house.  Be sure to prepare some meals ahead or purchase some lunch meats and bread for sandwiches. Don’t forget the bottled water too.

8.   Make a list of movers, their availability dates and prices.  Keep this information in a spiral notebook so it stays together. When you have secured a move time, call the mover and use the research you have already done to secure the actual date.   

9.   If possible, allow about a month lead time to secure the mover. Allow an even longer lead time for a long-distance move.

10.  Keep in mind that it takes about ten days to transfer mail, so plan accordingly when sending the address change form to the Post Office.   

“Moving is an opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer use or that you don’t find a useful purpose for in your life”, said Angie Weid, Professional Organizer with Organized Solutions.

Preparing for a move can be easier than you think.  For more organizing tips, visit 

Article submitted by Chapter member Theresa Brune, Professional Organizer, Simplify It

October 1, 2012

Get Organized - Simplify!

When applied together, these two concepts can go a long way toward creating a better quality of life for all of us.  After all, who would not like to gain more control over our surroundings and have more time to relax?  Members of the National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan are all about helping others live simply and embrace the organized lifestyle that most people crave.  Here are some tips to get started.

Clear the clutter:  Move out things that no longer fit, that you don’t enjoy or love, or that don’t meet your present needs.  Make some thoughtful decisions about what items are really vital to your everyday existence!

Plan your day:  Each evening compile a basic to-do list for the following day.  Be sure you are realistic in what goals you can truly accomplish in the limited time you have available.

Get help:  If you absolutely abhor gardening or housework, or are not very good at it, consider engaging the services of a professional.  It will save you time and money in the long run.

Set priorities:  Determine what you really value and strive to be congruent with those values.  If you desire to spend more time with your family, are your activities supporting that desire?

Streamline your systems:  Look at your errand, mail processing, email or laundry routines. How can you improve on these so that they are not undermining your precious time?  For example, run all errands together that are located in the same part of town. 

Achieving simplicity in our lives can indeed be a positive, life-changing process. More information on this and other organizing topics can be found at

Article submitted by Chapter Member, Rita A. Wilhelm – Cluttergone LLC,