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December 1, 2013

Organization Tips for Your Baby’s Nursery

So, you’ve had a baby.  Congratulations!  Now you want to know, “What just happened to my house?”

Adding a family member into a currently smoothly-running family unit can really upset the apple cart of organization and fluidity.  Here are a few ideas from a Mom who’s been there and a new Grandma who is back in that same boat with you. 

  • Simplify.  The simpler, the better.  Life runs smoother without all of the distractions of ‘stuff’.  Our children require less ‘stuff’ than the media and family lead you to believe.

  • Diapering Area.  It’s all about the supplies and having them on hand and within your reach.  We all know to never leave a baby on a changing table alone or even without one hand on their wiggly fast moving little body.  Be safe.  Have all of your supplies near.

  • Bed.  Make sure that your crib and/or pack-n-play meet the requirements of safety for your child.  Keep the height of the mattress at the best height for their safety; this will eliminate nap time escapes as they grow older.

  • Make wise choices.  You really don’t need to have a bounce chair, a cradle chair, a high chair, a saucer/walker chair, etc.  Choose two which work best for you and your child. As your child grows, so will their needs and the chairs really will switch up and change for you.

  • Books.  You can never have too many!  This is the best alternative to all of those toys.  Story Time is Imagination Time.  Children learn facts, have adventures, travel and play – all between the covers of a book. 

  • Toys.  You are the parent; at this point in their life, you control just how much comes in to your home and their bedrooms.  Baskets easily contain the countless small stuffed toys; while building a cube unit with cute canvas boxes works wonders to store the toys as your baby grows into a toddler.
    Rotate the toys as your child grows; pack them up and keep for the next child or donate to someone else who could really use those infant toys. 

  • Gifts.  Always welcomed; although, not always necessary.  A few suggestions for Grandma, Aunts and Friends: the child does not require a new toy every time that they stop by.  Gifts in their piggy bank or even savings bonds are welcome for the child’s future.  Be creative; come up with some workable ideas for your family. 

There are so many different ideas, from so many different sources.  Use your heart and mind to make decisions on what works best for you as you organize your baby’s nursery.

Submitted by Chapter Member Kathy Tucker, Finally Organized, LLC.