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February 15, 2014

Tackling Clutter at Work – Keys to an Organized Office

The Michigan chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers wishes to share some tips for reducing clutter at your office.  Greater organization at work results in increased job satisfaction, more time, and less stress – all of which contribute positively to one’s quality of life.

There are several areas that commonly challenge people at their offices.  They include the desk; papers and files; storage systems; and emails. 
The desk should be our office’s “command central,” which is free of extraneous items that can affect our productivity.  Limit the top of our desk to the items we use and need on a regular basis.
Papers and files should be dealt with routinely so that things do not pile up.  We need to have a good system for processing mail and keeping track of important deadlines.   Basic paper management allows for easy retrieval of documents within one’s file cabinet.  A file index will help to find a particular item in short order. 

We should also use our storage systems efficiently.  For example, manuals and catalogs which we refer to only rarely should not crowd out our immediate work area.  Aim to have nearby only those things which are necessary to the everyday operations of our office.  The rest can be kept off site, whether in a storage closet or even in a remote facility.
Finally, emails often constitute another source of office clutter.  If we let them, they can easily consume a great deal of time.  Instead of constantly monitoring our inbox, set aside 2 or 3 times a day for reading and responding to emails.  Organize them as you would regular papers.  Set up specific folder categories for emails so that you can locate them at a later date.  Use the “out of office” reply and make the “delete” key your friend.

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