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November 1, 2012

Moving Mountains also known as Overcoming Procrastination

“He who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”
so says a Chinese Proverb.  

We all procrastinate about something.  Sometimes it about writing blog posts about procrastination. 

Determining why you’re procrastinating can help you overcome it. 

One of the most common causes of procrastination is overwhelm, the task seems so big that you never start.  Overwhelm paralyzes.   

Overcoming overwhelm can be accomplished by taking the task at hand and breaking it down into smaller pieces until you get to the smallest next step you can actually accomplish. 

 So instead of “paying the bills” it might look like this:

·       Find a pen

·       Find the checkbook

·       Find the bills (ignore all the rest of the paper)

·       Put the bills in order by due date

·       Write the checks

·       Turn on the laptop

·       Pay the online bills

·       Find the stamps/address labels

·       Stamp/address the bills

·       Put them in your purse or car so you remember to mail them the next time you are out. 

By breaking down the job into small pieces, you can overcome the resistance to do it, no matter how big that job may be – happy organizing!

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Article submitted by Chapter member, Cynthia Gentit, Professional Organizer, Eat That Elephant LLC.  Cynthia’s website is