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June 1, 2013

Organizing your Books and Magazines

The National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan shares some tips on organizing your books and magazines. 

These simple tips will help you get and stay organized:

1.      Keep magazines for the last six months and recycle the old ones. 

2.      If you are interested in a recipe or article, tear it out and put it in a subject folder.

3.      Getting too many magazines to keep up to read? Evaluate which ones you truly enjoy and have time to read.  For those that you want to cut, consider transferring those magazines to an E-book subscription or just don’t renew. 
4.      Be sure to put the magazines in a magazine rack or holder.  When you have time to catch up, they’ll be together and handy. 

5.      Instead of buying books that you will only read once, check it out at the library.

6.      Categorize your books in a bookcase by subject -- fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, certain subjects, journals, etc.  This way you can find your book immediately based upon the subject matter.

Organizing your magazines and books is easier than you think! 

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Article submitted by Chapter member Debbie Tebbe,