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December 15, 2012

The Island of Misfit Toys
How to deal with toys.

Step 1: Break the project down into manageable parts.
It is probably unrealistic to tackle all the toys in your home at one time. Instead, pick one shelf, drawer, or box at a time.

Step 2: Sort toys into categories.
While there are many categories for toys, here are some common ones: stuffed animals, dolls, books, vehicles, kitchen, dress up, puzzles, and games.

Step 3: Go through the toys and figure out what to keep.
Some questions to ask that will help in making this decision include: Is the toy broken or is it in good shape? Is the item played with? Is the item age appropriate? Do we have an appropriate number of those items?

Step 4: Create play zones.
It can be helpful to name the kind of play that happens in each zone. Zone examples include art, reading, or transportation. All toys that are used for each specific kind of play will go in their zone.

Step 5: Find a home within the zone for the toys that you keep.
Once you find a place to put the toys, it is important to find a way to identify the container. This will make it easier for your children to put the toys away. Identify this new home with a description (a picture) that is attached to the bin or container .

Step 6: Find a different home for what you want to get rid of.
If you know someone with a child who is younger, perhaps some of the toys that are no longer age appropriate for your children would work well for them. Put them in a labeled bag and take them to your car so you will have them the next time you and your friend get together. Put any toys that are going to a donation center in another marked bag in your car.

Last words

Toys can be a source of great joy to children and their parents. Learning how to manage toys will help make this sentiment a reality

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Article submitted by Chapter member Susan Hunsberger, Professional Organizer, with Strategize Organize LLC