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March 15, 2013


Do you have a small room or closet that’s stuffed because you think it’s “too small to be organized?” 
Even though organizing small spaces is a challenge, remember that every cubic inch is valuable real estate for you to make organized use of.

There are tricks to getting a small space organized that can make that room or closet really work for you despite its “tight footprint.”

1.  In small spaces, go vertical whenever possible.  Use a tall bookcase or tower with multiple shelves to take advantage of the wall space.  Watch the depth of storage items to ensure space is maximized and the flow is good.  By doing this, you’ll get big bang for the little bit floor space used.   

In the bookcase or tower, place labeled bins, baskets or fabric drawers so everyone knows what’s in them.

2.  Another place for great storage is above the door in that room.  Install a shelf at that height to use for memorabilia storage, stuffed animals, seasonal decorations, etc.

3.  Hooks are a good way to hang items on the wall and use NO floor space.  Labeled tote bags on hooks can hold many types of things.

4.  In small spaces, lazy susan turntables can be a great tool.  On a refrigerator shelf, it can hold condiments.  In a pantry, it can hold canned goods.

5.  Limit the number of items stored in a small space.  For example, only keep two extra rolls of toilet tissue beneath the bathroom vanity with additional overflow rolls stored nearby.

So the next time you open the door to a small room or closet, look at it differently and you’ll be shocked at how much an organized small space can hold.

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Article submitted by Chapter member Cindy Greenleaf, Chief Organizing Officer of New Leaf Organizing LLC.

March 1, 2013

Please help me find my bed!

First get 4 boxes.  Label them Garbage, Remove, Donate, and Clothes to keep

Remove each item from your bedroom closet and decide which category it belongs in.

Garbage – Throw things away unless you have a clear need for them.
Remove -- A sk yourself are there any items that do not belong? If so, remove them by placing them in a box.
Donate – Donate to your favorite charity or sell at a consignment store? It depends on how big or small you want to make this project.
Clothes to Keep – You are determined to fit into your clothes, but the majority of clothes that don’t fit, should be placed elsewhere. Box them up but don’t forget to label the box with the sizes that it contains.

Other Bedroom Tips:
Make your bed daily. It’s the largest piece of furniture in your room and when it’s not made, it gives the whole room a different look and feel to it. 

Use the space under the bed for extra storage. So you’ll need to measure it before going shopping!

When assigning "homes" in your dressers, use the appropriate size drawer. For example, use shallow drawers for small items like jewelry, underwear and socks. Some chapter members have purchased jewelry inserts from Bed, Bath and Beyond, so that their clients could enjoy their jewelry more.

Try putting one category of items in drawers and don’t overstuff them.

Store items at appropriate heights, especially when working with children and seniors.

Organizing your Bedroom Closet(s)
Always have extra hangers in the closet. Take things out of your dryer when the signal buzzes.

It is a good idea to split your suit.  Seeing your suit pieces as separates makes your wardrobe go further.

Arrange clothes into categories.

Buy hangers that you can hang multiples on.

Use a pegboard to display accessories.

Buy tie and belt organizers.

Shoe racks are a great investment. If you have a lot of shoes, clearly label the shoebox or take a picture of the shoes and tape it to the outside of the box.  Get rid of shoes that hurt your feet.
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Article submitted by Chapter member, Betty Huotari, Chapter Past President; owner of Logical Placement LLC. More about Betty can be found at