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May 1, 2012

Laundry Extras

Is laundry a dreaded chore for your family? Why not try one of these simple organizing tips from the National Association of Professional Organizers in Michigan to help make it little easier.

For laundry, we generally know how to handle the light and dark clothes. Our laundry system breaks down, however, when we are confronted with articles of clothing that falls outside of the typical load.

• Items that need to be hand washed.

• Items that need to be dry cleaned.

• Items that need to be mended.

• Items that no longer fit.

• Items that need to be given away.

Recognize that these categories are not exceptions and instead need a plan of their own. How do you do that?

Step #1: Assign each category a home. Decide where you will store this type of item. Is it in the closet, the dresser, the box on the floor in the closet, the basket by the washer, hanging over a hanger? If you have a place to put these items consistently, they will not feel nearly as daunting.

Step #2: Decide when you are going to deal with these items. Are you going to go to the dry cleaner when the container is full? Are you going to drop off clothing donations to charity once a month? Are you going to repair these articles of clothing right before you need them? Planning when you are going to deal with these items can keep you from feeling guilty or frustrated each time you come across one.

While it may take some extra moments this next time you are doing laundry to figure out solutions to these tricky items, future laundry time will be much less stressful!

Laundry at home can be easier than you think! For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Chapter Member Susan Hunsberger.